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envo® mask

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Envo® mask is a leading provider of N95 and N99 reusable
respirators. Using innovative Airgel technology, envo mask offers safety, comfort, and
peace of mind for individuals that want to protect their health. Our mission is to improve
global health by creating awareness around air quality and giving individuals the power to
breathe clean air.
Envo® mask and the envo® pro are reusable N95 NIOSH-approved masks built for
comfort, sealed protection, and long-term wear. Both offer protection against airborne
particulates such as viruses, wildfire smoke, pollution, construction dust, and more.
The envo® mask and and the envo® pro N95 and N99 respirators are made by Sleepnet
Corporation, a leading producer of sleep apnea and non-invasive ventilation masks. For
more than 25 years, Sleepnet has manufactured masks in Hampton, NH for customers in
over 50 countries. All products are made in the U.S. with globally sourced components.
Envo® mask and envo® pro are distributed by Clear Air, LLC.
To learn more, please visit us at or call us at 1-603-314-8180.

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