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Sept 27 & 28 | 2023

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Diamond Specialty Vehicles

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Description: Diamond is a specialized mobile platform manufacturer in Indiana, providing specialty vehicles such as Mobile Office Trailers, Restroom Trailers, Studio Trailers, Marketing and Stage Trailers, Shower Trailers, Motorized Specialty Command/Control or Movie Production Trucks, Hair and Makeup Salon Trailers, Firehouse and Safety Training Trailers, and Mobile Medical Testing Trailers. Diamond serves a variety of industries and markets around the globe, ranging from disaster relief, oil and gas, construction, entertainment, EMT/Police/Fire/Military, and rental companies, and we are prepared to build what your industry demands.
We begin with our uniquely designed & fabricated Diamond Chassis. Diamond offers a seamless fiberglass gel-coat exterior, hardwood or fiberglass cabinets, and a diverse selection of floor plans to make sure you get the product you need. Contact the Diamond Team today, and Ask for The Diamond Difference. Discover why our specialty vehicles can help your business succeed.

Tel: (574) 358-0452

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