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Sept 27 & 28 | 2023

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Morgan Chase Management

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Morgan Chase Management Team provides expert catering services and innovative solutions
in disaster recovery and remote site services. We are proud to offer only the best in venue
management. Our capabilities include; complete food service, mobile food units, long-term
remote site catering, site design and construction, housekeeping, facilities management, and
base camp support services. We can serve locations worldwide and consistently seek to
expand our resources and clientele.
Morgan Chase Management and its sister companies MCM Solutions and Artful Cartful
Catering & Events entered the Disaster Recovery business in 1999. Our experience serving
Red Cross Shelters gives us the ability to prepare, deliver, and distribute meals from
central stationary commissaries and mobile kitchens. Our past performance has proven
our ability to serve up to 30,000 meals per day from multiple locations and then deliver
them to each shelter.
Our success and longevity, we feel, are owed to a commitment to integrity. We insist on
transparency and humility regarding our clients and staff. Our philosophy is that an extensively
trained staff member will maintain the composure required to truly listen to our clients and
have the expertise to provide a perfect solution for their needs. We like to offer dignity as a
solution, as well. Too often, disaster services do not furnish displaced citizens with the
amenities and privacy they have lost. Because of this, we offer more upscale solutions such as
Chef designed menus and Rapid Deployable Structures. After all, the building blocks of humanity
are what we are providing.

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