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Association for Fire Ecology

Our vision for the Association for Fire Ecology is that its membership of respected professionals from around the world together play a key role in wildland fire and fire ecology research, education, management, and policy, to enhance our knowledge and management of fire as a fundamental ecological process.


The Association for Fire Ecology is an organization of professionals dedicated to improving the knowledge and use of fire in land management through science and education.


The Association for Fire Ecology and its members share the following common beliefs:

- Fire is a critical ecological process in many ecosystems throughout the world.

- Land management goals often reflect plant communities with a past history of repeated fire events, however, fire regimes have been significantly altered on many landscapes, which may threaten native plant and animal assemblages, resulting in uncharacteristic ecological consequences.

- Plant communities, species composition, and soils have been significantly altered on many landscapes, causing change in the fire regime.

- Cultural burning has historically been part of the fire regime in many areas of the world.

- Restoring and maintaining native plant and animal assemblages and appropriate fire regimes is desired, although it is recognized that this may not always be possible.

- Science and education are critical in helping us understand ecological patterns and processes, how land management has affected fire regimes, and how vegetation and fire regimes can be restored.

- Science should inform both policy and land management decisions that affect fire regimes.

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