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Sept 27 & 28 | 2023

Anaheim, CA

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Keith Erwood: Speaking at the The Flood Expo California

Keith Erwood

COO, Co-founder, and Principal Managing Consultant  -  Erwood Group

Plan Execution - Reducing the Risk of Failure

Business Continuity and ITDR plans fail for many reasons. In this seminar I’ll cover the most common causes and provide recommendations to reducing the risk of having your recovery plans and efforts fail. From underdeveloped plans and programs, inadequate risk and impact assessments, unclear specific strategies with clearly defined steps, neglecting communications, neglecting activation, to single points of failure and failing to update plans. Learn strategies for smooth Plan execution.

Keith Erwood will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theater 4 - Thursday 14.00 - 14.30: Plan Execution - Reducing the Risk of Failure