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Sept 27 & 28 | 2023

Anaheim, CA

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Theater 8

Seminar Theaters are some of the most prominent features of The Natural Disaster Expo. With over 200 seminars expected to be delivered at the event, attendees can discover valuable insights and industry knowledge on what’s been happening in disaster prep, management, and recovery to advance their professional capabilities.

    • Wednesday

      Cameron Chell: Speaking in the Theater 8

      11.00 - 11.30

      Cameron Chell

      Drones as first responder in natural disasters

      Cameron Chell, President, and CEO of Draganfly provide use cases of active emergency, medical, and disaster response situations, where Draganfly’s cutting-edge drone solutions have been used to deliver temperature-sensitive medical supplies to remote areas and provide visual oversight during critical missions, including search and rescue.

      Sue Hannibal: Speaking in the Theater 8

      11.45 - 12.15

      Sue Hannibal
      Guided Healing and Associates LLC

      Defeating “THE STIGMA” With Private, Non-Drug Self-Treatment for Stress/PTSD

      There are only two ways to circumvent a stigma within any culture or profession: 1) standardize the solution or B) make it private. In a six-minute video, Scott, a mass shooting survivor, tearfully realizes that he’s free of his PTSD symptom cluster—anxiety, avoidance, triggers, nightmares--the sights and sounds of terror. Scott healed himself with a hybrid evidence-based, non-traumatizing, safe, fast, private skillset that takes about an hour to learn.

      Garrett Miller: Speaking in the Theater 8

      12.30 - 13.00

      Garrett Miller
      Caylym Technologies

      Providing Potable Water in a Time of Crisis

      Second only to fresh air, potable water is a top concern for first responders. Let’s talk about an ideal solution to a water crisis. The solution must be green, cost effective, safe, and easy to handle. Today''s solutions produce too much waste, are costly, may compromise water safety, quality and taste, and take too long to deploy. Addressing these concerns will have our community looking for better solutions.

      Tim Sasseen: Speaking in the Theater 8

      13.15 - 13.45

      Tim Sasseen
      Ballard Power Systems

      Stationary Fuel Cell Generators: Enabling a More Reliable Grid in a high BEV World

      The massive rollout of BEV''s and rapid increas in variable renewable sources will put enormous burdens on the grid, while regulations phase out diesel generators, and fire danger increases. This seminar explores how commercial hydrogen fuel cell generators can be applied to ease this burden, for backup power, charging EV trucks and buses during grid outages, and keeping operations moving at fleet facilities.

      Bill Walters: Speaking in the Theater 8

      14.00 - 14.30

      Bill Walters
      Firefighting Tools of Babylon Corp

      Using Respectful Entry When Conducting Search and Rescue

      This seminar is to show how to properly use Respectful Entry Tools when conducting Search and Rescue after Natural Disasters. Respectful Entry can be quicker than traditional forcible entry and can help secure the property after the search of the dwelling is complete. This helps prevent looting and allows residents to return to their homes quicker and safer.

      Evan Hertafeld: Speaking in the Theater 8

      14.45 - 15.15

      Evan Hertafeld
      A2Z Drone Delivery

      Recipes for Drone Delivery in Disaster Situations

      The second wave of drone delivery hype has brought to the industry many new and exciting tools that offer great promise in life-saving situations, but the path to sourcing and incorporating these solutions into existing playbooks is often murky. This practical seminar will look at what technology is out there and discuss the strengths and shortcomings of these solutions across a variety of disaster-related use cases.

      Ed Tirakian: Speaking in the Theater 8

      15.30 - 16.00

      Ed Tirakian
      Eaton Corporation

      Utilizing Portable Mobile Power Solutions To Support Disaster Recovery Efforts

      There are a number of factors that are creating increasingly negative impacts on the stability of our current electric grid. These include (1) the advanced age and degradation of many grid elements (substations, transformers, transmission / distribution lines) (2) increased weather-related events (extreme temps, hurricanes, floods, fires due to dryness, etc.) and (3) increased demand due to transportation electrification.

      Christopher Trocola & Brian Johnston: Speaking in the Theater 8

      16.15 - 16.45

      Christopher Trocola & Brian Johnston
      Titan Solar Power Pro Division

      How Solar Saves Lives

      Explore the Pro''s and Con''s of solar and solar backups in the residential market, and how solar works in power outages.